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NOTICE: Hydraulic Motor Vendor Change

Beginning in January 2001, Kenway Engineering, Inc. made a change to our hydraulic drive motors. We are switching from the Commercial M315 to a Sauer Sunstrand SNM.

The SNM motor has many advantages over the M315. It has a built in outrigger bearing so it is not as sensitive to radial overload cause by belt over-tensioning (see 29-HYD-001 Belt Tensioning Instructions). It is has a wider RPM range, is more efficient, and has much less case drain.

Replacing the M315 motor with the SNM is straight forward. The mount bracket, pulley, and hardware are all the same. The installer must insure that the motor rotation is counter-clockwise(CCW) when viewed from the back. (Note: inlet and outlets are reversed)

There are a couple of differences in the installation of the SNM motor. The rear port and case drain fitting sizes have changed! The M315 has a –12 Boss O-ring port and the SNM has a –10 Boss O-ring port. The second difference is the case drain is on the rear plate unlike the M315 which is on the bottom of the motor. Re-route the case drain hose and secure with a nylon tie. Note: The case drain ports are the same size.




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