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Check and clean the inside recirculation filter once a week. This filter is very important to keep in good shape. Without it the blower system would not able to pass air over the coils thus reducing its ability to cool or heat.

If Equipped

Clean the outside paper filter daily or as needed. This filter allows outside fresh air into the cab. Keeping this filter clean will greatly enhance the cab environment.


Clean out with air or water daily or as needed to remove dirt and debris from building up. Take special care not to damage coil fins. Inspect hoses and coil for wear or oil build-up since this may indicate a refrigerant leak in the system.

Compressor / Belt & Clutch

Check the belts for tightness as often as you would for any of the other belts on the machine. When replacing worn belts spin the compressor pulley to check for rough spots or a loose clutch. If either of these occurs, a service on the part should be performed as soon as possible.


Look for signs of leaks or wear on the hoses or other components. Move or relocate hoses that are rubbing or look as though they will be a problem in the future.
Listen for abnormal sounds from the electric motors, compressor or other parts of the heater air conditioner system. These could be signs of needed service.
Respond to early service warnings. It will help avoid bigger and more costly problems in the future.