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At Kenway, service doesn’t end when the product leaves the building. We have created tools to help keep your heating, AC and/or HVAC system running in the field.

Online Manuals for OEMs and Field TechniciansOnline manuals image

We can provide manuals for our air conditioning and heating systems. Some OEMs choose to attach our manual with their own materials; others will integrate our documentation with their own. Most of the manuals are available online. As more operators and technicians in the field use smartphones, we see an increased use of the online manuals.

Ongoing Support for OEM Support

We work with our OEM customers to make sure our product is installed properly. We start by making ease of installation one of our top priorities in the design phase. Because safety comes first, we make sure that clients understand how to safely install and run machinery. We will go in the field to train and work with engineering and production personnel to make sure they know how to use and troubleshoot our equipment.

Onboard Diagnostics for Field Technician Supports

Our units are found all over the world, which means lots of time zones and languages. Our first line of defense is keeping the operators informed. Our control panel use international symbols that make the panels easy to operate and require very limited English.

We offer systems with onboard diagnostic tools, which will notify the operator is there is a problem and allow a service technician access to help troubleshoot the issue.