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Hydraulic Driven AC & Heat Systems

Kenway Engineering has developed unique AC and heat solutions for a wide range of machines, including cabs with 360 degree rotation capability or where the cab is a very long distance from the engine. For example:

  • Our hydraulic drive systems can provide both heat and AC without the need of long AC and heater lines or passing incompatible fluids like refrigerant and engine coolant through a hydraulic swivel.
  • Our units are powered by your machine’s hydraulic system. We will work with you to integrate our unit into your hydraulic system in the most cost effective way.

Focusing Power on Your Primary Functions

We have hooked up our systems in many types of series and parallel circuits that share resources with your machine functions.  We have numerous load-balancing control schemes that we use to give the power back to the machine when demanded. These controls can be as simple as a pressure switch or relay with a signal from your machine to a full blown PLC controller with pressure, speed, and temperature transducers and CAN-bus inputs and outputs.

Our hydraulics systems are not integrated to the point where every item is unique or where you need a specially trained mechanic with both hydraulic and HVAC knowledge. Our hydraulic AC and heat systems can be serviced by HVAC or Hydraulic technicians using standard practices. We provide detailed service manuals to assist them.

Combination Systems

A standard AC system consists of four main components:

  • AC compressor;
  • Condenser with fan;
  • Receiver/drier;
  • Blower assembly with TXV/evaporator.

In a typical system these components are located in different locations on the vehicle requiring hosing and wiring to run between them. Kenway has many solutions using combinations of the above that reduce installation time and in-house engineering of our customers.

We have self-contained units that are hydraulically driven. These pre-charged units have all the components above and are already charged with refrigerant. Installation is a snap. After bolting the unit to the cab, just three hydraulic lines and an electrical connection are needed before the unit is ready to go. These units can be serviced in the field but if time is an issue they can be simply replaced without using costly and time-consuming refrigerant service equipment.

Hydraulic Ac unitAC System

We also have units that include everything but the AC compressor. These units are bolted to cab and plumbed to the AC compressor on the engine. Once charged they are ready to go.


We have hydraulic units that combine the AC compressor, condenser and receiver-drier with and without oil heat. These units can be remote mounted away from the cab blower unit.

Custom Blower Units:

Kenway custom designs cab blower units that integrate into the cab design.  We see the blower unit as only part of the Cab Comfort System.


Custom cab comfort systemCustom comfort cab system 2Custom comfort cab system closeup