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Products & Parts

Kenway Engineering provides heating, cooling and HVAC products and parts for both OEMs and for aftermarket customers. We custom design and build for small OEMS. Our standard products are packaged and sized to fit many common applications and can work when a custom design isn’t required.

After-Market Application

Sometimes referred as a “Bundle“, Aftermarket Application is a grouping of components necessary to provide a complete AC and or heating system. In some cases, it may be necessary to purchase special items to complete the installation; Kenway will provide the purchasing information as necessary.


A component is a packaged assembly or part which is considered a major part of an AC or heating system.  Kenway will provide components to an OEM individually or as part of a kit which can be integrated into their production plan.

Replacement Part

A replacement part is any serviceable item of an AC or heating system which is deemed to have a service life or is subject to eventual failure under normal conditions.

Kenway will work with OEMs to determine a replacement part policy for the product /s that we provide them. We can offer services where we handle all replacement parts or the policy can make all or certain replacement parts an exclusive to the OEM. We can also cross reference and provide replacement parts for other manufacturers’ products.