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Kenway 9067 Series Hydraulic HVAC

Kenway model 9067 Flameless HVAC unitFlameless HVAC unit

HVAC unit for off-road construction equipment unlike any previous hydraulics-based operator cab climate control systems. The Kenway 9067 Series is the product of four years in-the-field use, both as OEM and retrofit equipment.

The Kenway 9067 Series is a completely re-engineered and redesigned operating system that offers more power, greater reliability and a lower cost of operation than the industry has ever seen before from a flameless HVAC unit. Our hydraulic units can output 27,000 BTU per hour at idle. The Hydraulic oil in our heat circuit is limited to 205 degrees to prevent damage due to overheating.

Ideal OEM

Ideal for off-road construction equipment at job-sites that restrict or prohibit heaters running on propane or diesel fuel, the Kenway 9067 Series can be installed as a split unit system or as a self-contained model about the size of a small window air-conditioner. Kenway Engineering can design units to suit any OEM interior cab scheme, and the compact size of the hydraulic drive unit can fit just about anywhere.

As a self-contained unit, Kenway 9067 Series installation requires a rectangular opening in the cab wall, four hose connections and a single electrical hookup.


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