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Mobile HVAC

Mobile HVAC inside cabin


Kenway Engineering custom designs and manufactures mobile air conditioning and heating components for heavy trucks, agriculture, construction and other off-road equipment. Kenway is dedicated to helping OEMs save time and money by providing high quality solutions that integrate seamlessly into their equipment and manufacturing processes.

Complete In-house Design and Build

From design to build, Kenway completes the entire process in-house, which allows us to provide fast prototypes, control quality, and rapidly adjust our product plans to meet your heating and cooling system and component needs. It also means we work well with OEMs with low volume production and with fleet managers who require a custom retrofit solution for multiple units.

Industry ExperienceMobile HVAC control panel

Our team has extensive knowledge in the industry. Our HVAC systems can be found in off highway vehicles in all climates across North America and the world. We’ll keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Our systems are the most advanced in the industry with hydraulic driven AC and heating, PLC control, CAN bus communication, and advanced diagnostics. We know that every application is unique so we provide custom tailored solutions to meet your customers’ requirements.

We are the industry leader in hydraulically driven, compact combination and self-contained air conditioning and heating units. Our units have been built to meet some very unique requirements and we will work with you to integrate them seamlessly into your machine’s hydraulic circuit.

Because not every OEM needs hydraulic driven, PLC or CAN, we provide many customized standard HVAC solutions for small volume OEMs with radiator mount condensers and engine driven compressors. We can separate you from the “Aftermarket” installation look and performance.