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Kenway Engineering Quality Policy:

“Kenway Engineering’s employees are committed to designing and manufacturing a valuable product to insure our customers’ success.  We will continuously improve our processes to meet or exceed our customers’ requirements while using key performance indicators to monitor our own success.”

That is our commitment.

Kenway meets the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Standard and is certified by PRI Registrar. Quality is in every aspect of our business from manufacturing to customer service. It is very important to us.

On-site Quality

We maintain a high standard of quality by developing and building all of our products on-site. That allows us to design in quality at every stage of the product development process and our manufacturing capabilities allow us to control quality through the process.

We always opt for quality. Our vendors are chosen for their high quality products, price and delivery. For example, our powder coat finish is second to none. We continually improve our people and processes with our corrective and preventive actions.

Quality Customer Service

Quality doesn’t end when our products go out the door. We provide installation and training support to ensure that OEMs and fleet retrofits learn how to install, run and maintain, and service our mobile HVAC systems.

Click here to download our ISO 9001:2015 Certification