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Lean Manufacturing

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Kenway’s Lean strategy is to eliminate the expenditure of resources that do not create value for the customer.

Just in Time (JIT) delivery of components reduces the need for storage space and inventory movements. It allows Kenway Engineering to quickly make product improvements based on customer requests (both internal and external) and reduces excess inventory.

Efficiency is the basis of the manufacturing flow at our location. Our clean and spacious shop floor is organized to minimize employee and material movement.

Our preventive maintenance program keeps our machines up and running and our Kanban system keeps them tooled up.

Lean manufacturing

Our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system allows us to plan our product months ahead to ensure that our purchased and fabricated items come together to meet customers’ needs.

When our customers’ demands change, we can quickly make adjustments to our purchasing and production so you are never “line down”.

Our design engineers use a documented process for design and development that keeps the customer in the loop. This ensures that our customers’ needs and preferences are kept in focus.  By creating a custom product development plan and clearly defining the requirements with the customer, we save time and money.

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