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Can we buy our replacement parts from you?

In most cases, yes, you can. Except when the part has been manufactured as a proprietary parts for an OEM, which we are not allowed to sell. If we don’t have a part on hand, we will help you get the part you need. We have part contracts with various OEMs, which helps us get you the part you need.

Do you have a dealer network?

We don’t have a designated dealer network, but we do have partners throughout the US. We can connect you with someone in your area who can help.

Do you provide aftermarket kits for OEM equipment?

Yes, we have hundreds of aftermarket kits in our system. In some cases, we supply the actual factory OEM components. Our retrofit kits have solved many issues in the field with other products.  Our aftermarket kits have been used to help restore aging equipment. They can make your old equipment as comfortable as the newer models.

Do you work with fleet services?

We do not provide HVAC services but we will work with fleet services to provide them the parts and components they need.  We have custom designed heating and cooling systems for fleets of equipment.

Why are there so many mobile air conditioning manufacturers up North?

Up North, we need cabs to keep warm in the winter, but our summers are hot and humid, so we’ve learned how to keep folks cool.  It also helps with the mosquitoes.