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Design Engineering

Your product goals become our product goals whether it is…engineering software

  • Cost reduction
  • Better performance
  • Higher quality
  • Improved durability
  • Aesthetics

…We design our system and components with your goals in mind. Kenway’s team works closely with you to develop the most cost effective and integrated solution possible.


Considering the Entire Cab Comfort System

We understand how our HVAC system will affect the comfort of your customer and the performance of your machine so we don’t just stop at supplying a blower unit, condenser and compressor. We want to ensure the success of the entire Cab Comfort System.

When we design or evaluate a Cab Comfort System, we consider air distribution, fenestration (solar loading), air filtration, duct system sizing, blower unit sizing and location, control design and placement. We will work with you to determine the best solution while taking into account your product and budgetary goals and other constraints.

The best Cab Comfort System is only as good as the components that support it, so we will work with you to ensure that the proper compressor and condenser are sized for the working environment of your equipment and the demands of the Cab Comfort System.

We also advise and assist our customers in areas indirectly related to HVAC to ensure smooth system integration and fewer surprises down the line.


Hydra drive system image

Our Technology Saves Time and Money

We offer unique solutions using technology and expertise not found with other manufacturers:

  • Our hydraulic driven AC and heat systems are second to none. Their compact design and our system integration knowledge can provide a cost effective solution for unique equipment needs.
  • Many OEMs have used our knowledge of engine mounting bracketry, AC compressor, and condenser design to help them transition through the different tiers of the engine emission standards.  Our expertise has saved their engineering departments a lot of time and money.
  • We can get prototypes to you fast. We use 3-D CAD for quick and accurate modeling. Our CAM software converts our design to Numerically Controlled programs.  Unlike our competition, our manufacturing capabilities allow us to build complete systems in-house.  Since we do not need to outsource sheet metal parts, heavy brackets, pulleys, manifolds, wire harness, or other components, we do not encounter the same lead times and delays inherent in working with outside vendors.

 We use a controlled and documented process for design and development to ensure that our customers’ needs and desires are kept in focus and that they are always in the loop.  Time and expense are saved by clearly defining the customer’s requirements and determining how we will meet the requirements with planned validation, verification, reviews, and approvals.