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Outside view of the Kenway Engineering building in Fairmont MN

The Kenway Engineering team works closely with the customer to develop the most cost effective, integrated solution for their mobile HVAC needs.

In Business for Thirty Years

We know that off-the-shelf solutions do not solve every need. That is why we have been supplying customized heating and air conditioning solutions for 30 years. Our experience in the field minimizes risk for every customer. We have worked on a wide range of machines for a wide range of vehicles in all climates and terrains. We create a solution for you.

For Us, It’s All About the Customers

Our team of sales, engineering and manufacturing personnel are focused on the customers’ needs. We provide custom solutions, quality products, and on-time delivery and we continue to develop our company to better serve our customers.

We are dedicated to our customers and their success. Our custom solutions will save you and your satisfied customers time and money now and for years to come.  The team will work with all areas of a customers organization from purchasing and quality to their customer support and product support.

At Kenway, we measure success not by new customer accounts, but by customer retention and satisfaction.

Quality is Key

Kenway is ISO 9001:2015 certified. We take quality seriously because we have seen the benefits of focusing on quality for our business, for our customer and for the drivers and operators who use our air conditioning and heating systems.

Kenway heating and air conditioning components are precision designed and manufactured for easy installation. Kenway can provide components from wire harnesses, AM/FM radio mounts, lighted control panels to compressor and condenser mounting brackets. These components will function and fit like those of larger OEM equipment manufacturers.

No detail is overlooked, right down to the packaging and documentation. Prepackage parts and kits can be custom labeled so your staff can easily identify them for warehousing, assembly, or the parts department. Each AC and Heater system can have its own personalized parts book and user manual.